Conceptual Fantasy Photo Manipulations by Robert Cornelius

My name is Robert Cornelius and I’m part photographer, part digital painter, and all artist. I love to create images that walk the line between a photo and a digital painting. All of my pieces start from photographs I take, but then I wind up pushing and pulling the pixels around in Photoshop until it brings the idea in my head to life. I really love diving deep into an image and painting in the tiny details, drawing attention to things I want the viewer to notice and telling a story of some magical character.
I want my audience to look at my work and wonder who this subject is, what they’re doing, what they’ve done and where they might be going. I’m constantly inspired by all kinds of things, but I especially love to pull inspiration form movies. I love to use that inspiration to create cinematic images that look like they could be a freeze frame in some epic fantasy film of some kind. On top of creating my works of art, I really love to teach and share all the little tricks and tips of my process on my blog. I want to share all the things about my images that I would have wanted to know when I was first starting out in photography and Photoshop.
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