This Van Gogh painting coming alive in 3D is super trippy

Van Gough’s The Night Café brought to life in 3D Ever wanted to take a look inside the world of your favorite painting? Mackenzie Cauley, a US animator, has come up with a way to do just this – rendering Van Gough’s painting The Night Café in 3D.

Using the latest in 3D software, Cauley has brought the painting alive, providing viewers with a guided tour of the famous room. He’s also added to the atmosphere by creating a second location, in which Van Gough himself, styled on his self-portrait, sits with a pianist and a vase of sunflowers – providing a respectful nod to his other famous works.

The project is designed to be viewed using a virtual reality headset, and also includes a piano soundtrack and a haze of smoke added by Cauley to help viewers become fully immersed. Providing a unique, new way to appreciate this famous classic, Cauley has also pioneered a new approach to combining technology and art. [h/t]

 The Night Café