Tomasz Zaczeniuk – Digital Art

Tomasz Zaczeniuk started out dabbling in photography but quickly found that he couldn’t quite capture what was lurking in his imagination. So he switched to digital art and began changing the photos to match what was inside his head. These dream like photo-manipulations are a product of that wonderful imagination.

“Every vision has a music background, song that I was listening to, all the time I was creating image. It’s strange but I can not think about the image without music.”

Tomasz Zaczeniuk - Digital Art 002-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk 003-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk

004-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk 005-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk 006-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk 007-black-wihite-dreams-tomasz-zaczeniuk


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