Whimsical Precision: Digital Paintings by Rafael Ochoa

Rafael Ochoa’s amazing digital works call back to the spirit of classical oil paintings but with a fresh, playful twist. Ochoa has a masterful talent at portraying light and shadow, color and detail. He can paint the hair of a deer and the wrinkles of an old man with such unreal precision while simultaneously injecting humor and fun into his work.

For example, the painting of the woman cradling the cabbage is technically incredible – there’s a seriousness to the handling of light, proportion and overall composition. The actual subject matter though – the woman cradling the cabbage – is quite silly and makes you laugh. The handling of that juxtaposition is so well done and effortless that you as the viewer don’t question it which in another artists hands could have played totally differently. It’s a fine balance that Ochoa manages perfectly. [h/t ufunk.net]


Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-1 Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-2 Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-4 Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-5 Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-7 Rafael-Ochoa-digital-painting-8