Conceptual Jewelry by Osnat Har Noy

These experimental, conceptual geometric rings are made by Osnat Har Noy – they are both striking and minimalistic at the same time. Osnat is from Tel-Aviv and recently won “jewelry designer of the year” at the Miami Fashion Week.

Conceptual Jewelery by Osnat Har Noy 14319000079_efa12c3cf1_c 14319012798_2f4692ebda_c 14482503156_11f62f3d4a_c 14482509256_53eef6e0ca_c 14482512096_77cef58998_c 14504262104_52bf0502fa_c 14504269804_85af1a5963_c 14504452802_bb0831a658_c 14504453952_179846a226_c 14505609485_ef384cb2d7_c (1)

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