Landscapes by Matthew Brandt are abstracted through erosion

Artist Matthew Brandt’s latest series continues his ongoing exploration of the relationship between man and nature. In this series, he created landscape photographs around Oahu that he then buried in the Earth. The decomposition and erosion of the material added new textures to the photos and reinforced its connection to the place being depicted.

Of his process, Brandt says, “For the past three years I have been taking photographs in Oahu. These printed photographs were rolled in dirt, leaves, burlap and lace and buried on a family farm in the town of Wai’anae. Over time, the elements of the Hawaiian earth changed these pictures. Presented in this exhibition are remains of this process.”

The paintings are on display at M + B in Los Angeles through October 31 in a solo exhibition titled Pictures from Wai’anae. [h/t]jux_brandt_1 jux_brandt_2 jux_brandt_3 jux_brandt_4 jux_brandt_5 jux_brandt_6 jux_brandt_7 jux_brandt_8