Tammie Rose Riddle – New Zealand Fine Artist

The art of landscape is given a fresh viewpoint as it collides with cubism these two things that do not normally go together every day in art.

New Zealand Artist Tammie Rose Riddle is a self-taught artist influenced by early modernist traditions of painting. The use of Cubism gives depth to artwork by using multiple and contrasting viewpoints. Riddle has created and developed her own system of painting and drawing.

I have developed a unique style that uses cubism and realism together to create light & texture.”

These works are both meticulous in its detail and highly expressive in its treatment of its subject – the clarity of forms, interest in pattern & texture, and surreal description of a world that seems both knowable & familiar.

001. Fragile“I throw my whole soul into every piece that I create.” Says Riddle “The experience and story are the most important things I want the viewer to feel when they see a piece of my work.”

Riddle has exhibited her work widely and has pieces in several public & private collections in New Zealand & overseas as well as having been successful in several New Zealand Art Awards.

002. Bared to You“My art has allowed me to find the truth & love within my soul and then throw this passion at every painting.

This art leaves a trail of storytelling, pain, imagination & beauty that is never forgotten.

Cubism lines create fields of distance, unity of embraces that gives each work an atmosphere that sets them apart.” 003. Autumn Blue Hills 004. Messanger in the Night 005. Summer in Paradise Valley 006. Desolation of Romance 008 Piece by Piece 009. Undiscovered Tammie