Longing and restlessness by James Sheridan

My name is James Sheridan and I’m an artist/illustrator from New York who currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. I find it hard to talk about my work. I think because there’s a lot of secrets there. Things so deep they’re just apart of me now. Solitary figures are left to deal with the fallout of decisions they’ve made and choices that have brought them there. Longing and restlessness. Desire and hopelessness. Ecstasy in escapism. I look for beauty in dark places. MAYBES-ETSY-PREVIEW NYMPH-ETSY-PREVIEW TATTERED-ETSY-PREVIEW the-look-etsy-preview-1 THE-WRONG-WAY-ETSY-PREVIEW tumblr-TAINTED SU((UBUS-ETSY-PREVIEW HORROR-ETSY-PREVIEW AS-LONG-AS-THERE'S-LOVE-AROUND-ETSY-PREVIEW