Beyond self-expression – the work of Edgar Sacadura

My name is Edgar Sacadura, I’m a graphic designer, born in 92 in a small city in Portugal. Im mainly inspired by feelings and dreams, so most of my art has a lot of surrealism and symbolism. I think that art should be more than “self expression” it should be an expression of our world, society, of all the things that surround us and make us humans, art should be a reflection of what make us close to each other in a deeper level, I may say in a subconscious level. In the beginning I started to draw and paint with mixed media (ballpoint pen, charcoal, acrylic, watercolor, oil….) but I was never truly happy with the limitations of each media, until I started (recently) to explore digital arts, what was a pretty easy transition thanks to my previous technical knowledge in photoshop. Im very motivated to continue to explore my own style, and contribute, in my way, to the art world.