Black and White Digital Art that Explores the Connection Between Man and Animal

Formerly a digital creative who produced commercial art for various company’s and businesses, Amsterdam-based artist Sit is very firmly now a talent in his own right who produces stark, breathtaking black and whites that more often than not center around animals in motion, among them crows, bears, tigers – and humans. Sit has exhibited all around the world, taking his work to thriving hubs of contemporary art such as L.A and Berlin,  Occasionally he injects his work with an abundance of color which makes the animals appear almost divine – he recognizes an almost angelic connection between man and beast. When he experiments with color, Sit’s take on animals is very different to that seen through the lens of a wildlife photographer… it’s a bit more magical.

Dynamic Digital Art Exploring the Connection Between Man and Animal Kowwboy-01 Kowwboy-02 Kowwboy-03 Kowwboy-04 Kowwboy-07 Kowwboy-11 Kowwboy-18 pop1 pop3 pop7 pop18


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