Christina Tzani explores the artistic attraction to violence

I was born in Athens and raised in Igoumenitsa a small town in northern Greece. In June of 2015 I graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Florina (Greece) having Harris Kondosphyris and Thomas Zografos as tutors and painting as my main field of study. ~Christina Tzani

Taking a glimpse into art history we can see that violence is an integral part of many artists inspiration over the centuries. From the frescoes of the caves, and the religious depictions up to scenes of violence, we can see the artistic attraction which transforms over the centuries.

My artwork makes references in child abuse in order to sensitize the viewer, enhancing the feeling of guilt while he enjoys aesthetically pleasing colors. I imply the sense of isolation, repulsiveness and abandonment as the individual characteristics of the person withers before the torn and wounded existence. Parts of the forms appear to be unfinished underlining the drama of fragmented children.aquarella-on-paper-48-x-36-cm-2015 Seduction-2-ink-on-paper-70-x-100-cm-2015 Seduction-3-ink-on-paper-70-x-100-cm-2015- tzani_christina_oneidos1 tzani_christina_oneidos2 tzani_christina_oneidos5 tzani_christina_oneidos9 tzani_christina_oneidos17 tzani_christina_oneidos18