The delicate illustrations of Cate Lee

I’m a children’s illustrator and writer working on Corel painter software, and some of my favorite artwork is created in this software program that offers a wide range of brushes and paper textures, along with a diverse color palette off neutrals, brights, pastels and primary colors. sketch and draw out my pictures, rework them with fine lines and details before painting them.  After the light painting, I finish it by darkening as to give it real look.  For beginners in art, I would recommend using this software.  I’ve completed most of my artwork on my website using Corel painter 4 and 5.  I’m currently having fun using the advance software. ~Cate Leeuytgytr4u672acec9_dfce5e6a18f247ae8ce72cb434791c13~mv22acec9_c17bfd4965ef46a08362b5ea1daa3941~mv22acec9_e920ab92d02d45488cc5fce6e9dc4082~mv2 2acec9_257ea5b6de034b92974cb454b66ad7c7~mv22acec9_7a94172eeb3e4c59b6159ea5cfd363fb~mv2 2acec9_bde7aafaf8344fbf8e88dea4cbf47f75~mv2 2acec9_be1fbc5d92194460b2904045c20535d0~mv2