I don’t want to dream, by Spyros Verykios

The Hybriden Art Space in conjuction with CBK, Malmö Kulturstöd and ABF Malmö is pleased to present a series of paintings by Greek artist Spyros Verykios. Completed in two years, the work involves painting that were created for his 43 pages comic book “I don’t want to dream” entirely painted in oil.

“I don’t want to dream” is a metaphysical horror story about how an experiment with mindexpanding drugs has unexpected consequences – or is it something else entirely? The borders between what is dream, reality and bedtime story are blurred sometimes.

Let’s plunge together into the pits of madness. Let’s watch the dissolution of reality, let’s dance with clear heads and see where it takes us. Let’s travel the river hiding in the desert sands until the wind rises and we reach the final collapse. Let’s look deep into the eye of the tiger. And see afterwards if we dare to dream.