Drawn from the subconscious of Alan Williamson

I’m an unschooled artist, or raw, or self-taught… whichever you like. I spent hours as a child, with pencil in hand, drawing comic strip characters and hockey players. My greatest accomplishment as an artist was the last time someone said, ‘Hey, I like that.’ I hope to hear it again… soon. I’ve no major, or minor influences… and I’m sticking with that.

I make faces… I create because I want to see what appears before me and how I can make it better. My art isn’t ‘real’ people, they are in almost every case drawn from my subconscious and are typically built upon the face I was most inspired by, my father’s. But saying that, I can’t think of anything more boring than drawing or painting an actual person. I don’t see how I would feel the same creative jolt I get from pulling out of my subconscious a face that didn’t exist before. I’d rather be a Victor Frankenstein than a Dr Gregory House.

I work with markers, acrylics, various paint markers, graphite, what ever is laying about. For surfaces I lean more toward hardboard then canvas, but mostly I work on paper… Bristol, watercolour, and newsprint. I’ve even done some work on birch panels and plywood.~Alan Williamsonbowman_1000 fergus-2_1000 lloyd_1000 negative-ink2_952 orange-halo1_1000 sanguine4_904 spilled-paint_993 watery-sigh_1000 whitey-2_1000