Dreamy Men Fighting: Prints on Canvas by Evgeny Boikov

Evgeny Boikov’s inky, abstracted figurative prints read like a series of artistic Rorschach blot test cards. The figures are dynamic, filling the entire canvas with their bodies – their movement is big and evocative and aggressive. The men are wearing suits and ties while participating it what seems to be a completely crazed brawl – it’s a mentally jarring concept but the rough edges are literally rounded out with the blurred watercolor treatment. The hazy, out-of-focus quality to the physical canvas helps to take the aggression out of the subject matter and make the prints more dreamy than violent. Interestingly, looking at the individual canvases in the set of 12 without the context of the chaotic multi-figure canvases, it seems almost as if Boikov has caught a single guy in the middle of a seriously passionate dance.  [h/t picdit.net]

evgeny-boikov1 evgeny-boikov2 evgeny-boikov3 evgeny-boikov4 evgeny-boikov-art-3 evgeny-boikov-art-6 evgeny-boikov-art-8