The dynamic illustrations of Nicolas Lozada

I am a Visual Artist currently based in Bogotá. Graduated with a degree in Master of Visual Arts and Graphic Design, specialized in painting, illustration, character design and 2D animation. Drawing and music are my passion and both inspires me to create unique and original artwork. I try to use my painting experience to recreate the brush strokes and feel on a digital medium. I believe its important  to embrace the new technologies to enhance the creative process and be able to develop beautiful and new artwork.~Nicolas Lozada6e4d8e14719835.5603719ec187f 29d0b113987735.56035cb8775a8 1792cf10515231.560e632961d65e8e18911430161.560f79f0b9238 24709e39782743.5882345fa7279 a46b0640951017.5606ec8be121e a1437c17174421.562b6b90cbe4b a8939634400843.56cf1550c728a bbf29112958627.5626f7715ccefb5a0c312958627.5626f7124fc9d