Ehsan Mehrbakhsh’s subconscious leaks

I’m from Tehran, Iran. and there I’ve began my studies in at the Atelier of modern art ” MAHA”. I studied there for four years. where I learned the Academic drawing and Illustration techniques and I still consider it the studies with had the most important impact on my artworks. later in 2006 I moved to Italy to study Graphic design in Rome. This decision was not about going out of Iran or moving to Europe to study. It was about an old love that I had for this country since I was much younger (Roberto Baggio was actually important) so I just choose Italy to live in for a period of my life. (and I’m happy with it) later I moved to Milano, where I live and work actually.~Ehsan Mehrbakhsh24a27d_8fdcc51ecc49a60ce83a83f1a07c5525I’d participated as an Illustrator and animator in many festivals and exhibitions here in Italy. Also as an art director on various projects such as “Eurodynamics” a multi-media European event for the “Life Long Learning Programme” of the E.U.

I’d also created several animated videos, such as experimental, advertising, music videos, or insertions in movies. Animation has been always the work that I love to do best. for me it mixes story telling, drawing, composition, and the good use of technology. 24a27d_57d32a001eaa4ee0bdecf5ee9008724aComing back to paintings and illustrations, After a few years of water color, colored pencils , and markers, I delved into the world of digital art, where I’m still making a research and some experiments to find an original style of drawing. I usually divide my artworks in two main categories:

1. Based on an strong Idea. I develop an “Idea” and I want everybody to understand it perfectly. No free interpretation! usually this kind of works are minimal and the use of color and composition is limited to the Function of making the main Idea shine.

2.”The subconscious leaks”, in witch when I begin to work I have no Idea what the final result is going to be. I just try to produce and mix some images and maybe concepts but without being aware of what actually they could mean together. so please welcome the free interpretation of who watches it. in this case, I try to give a lot of importance to the colors, composition, and the perfection of lines.  24a27d_088c24614f4843da896fb0f141131cf0 24a27d_5449334853ecc74a287a95a1788f0df1 24a27d_b82dc45b47e34a168d6793b3e70e62da 24a27d_cc5dc616a36fffb1b13a9a05ca7153c2 24a27d_ce9df628d55245e2a72b26e9ebf98100 24a27d_e41a5b9b820027fa5d4ce0d9228934c2 24a27d_eaa67d50e6be418fbaeefe86c7ad5f21 24a27d_f0376be48c464b199f61c6180534eaf1