Etchings by Nao Ikuma

Nao Ikuma merges humans with nature in etchings full of darkness and detail. The haunting images lure us into another world populated by humans in the midst of transformation, taking onto themselves the body parts of animals or morphing into the forest that surrounds them. The amazingly intricate line-work creates a vivid scene that grabs our eyes and lets us get lost inside the conjured environment.

Ikuma is a Japanese artist born in Shizuoka Prefecture and graduated from Tama Art University. She has been featured at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo in two solo exhibitions, both featuring her copperplate engravings. [h/t]JuxtapozIkumaNao00 JuxtapozIkumaNao01 JuxtapozIkumaNao02 JuxtapozIkumaNao03 JuxtapozIkumaNao04 JuxtapozIkumaNao05 JuxtapozIkumaNao06 JuxtapozIkumaNao07 JuxtapozIkumaNao08 JuxtapozIkumaNao09 JuxtapozIkumaNao12