Evocative photo illustrations by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell’s haunting artwork take us on a journey into the darkest parts of the psyche. She explores our emotions of fear, vulnerability, and sadness through her feminine figures overlaid with floral elements. The illustrations are at once both melancholy and tender.

We had a chance to catch up with Leslie about her most recent work.

 Where her ideas come from

Everything, anything. Books, shows, conflicting emotions. Our internal instincts fighting with shallow reasons.

Themes she’s exploring right now

I seem to be stuck on nature and humans. I think I would like to explore our connection with technology, the downside and benefits.

On her process

Sometimes I know where I want to go with it or have something in mind. It has for the most, always been intuitive.

On how she got started

I received my first camera during my teens, and fell in love from there.

What she does when she’s taking a break

I have an unhealthy obsession with movies, and I currently love to garden.

Potential future projects

I’m currently experimenting with the idea of sculpture.

Early icons

I have my authors like Anne Rice, or artists like Max Ernst, James Jean, Takato Yamamoto.






















Leslie is a self-taught artist currently residing in Boise, Idaho who combines photography with digital manipulation and other media such as painting to create fascinating photo-illustrations. You can find more works at leslieannodell.com.