Exploring everyday problems with Aleksandar Todorovic

My name is Aleksandar Todorovic, a fine artist (painter, MA), from Belgrade, Serbia. My works has been published on illustration and art blogs and websites, as well as in printed magazines and books. I was one of the artists selected and featured in “100 painters of tomorrow” art book by Thames & Hudson in 2014. I am submitting a few images from my most recent solo exhibition I had, titled “Buy it All, Eat it All” in Dio Horia gallery.
I create socially and politically inspired works of art, inspired by our everyday problems. I created my own set of archetypal characters which I use to create narrative regarding our contemporary modern world. There is the overall use of religious composition and visual symbols, mostly from the tradition of Orthodox Christian Icons. They are mixed with certain surrealism and illustration-like visual style I employ, with references to pop culture, comic books and video-game aesthetics etc. I also use a lot of dark humor, irony and satire.