The flowing imagery of Samuel Rios Cuevas

My name is Samuel Rios Cuevas, born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  Immersed in a rich culture, I grew up watching colorful local festivals, listening to salsa and the coqui frog. I been a full time father, artist and student for the last year, after serving 4 years in the US NAVY station in Japan were I traveled to Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and other pacific countries.15780692_1836102176633381_3721852327598756206_nCurrently I am working on a series of prints inspired on my childhood memories of Puerto Rico. It is hand carved on PVC panel were I explore the printed results of burning and gluing textures on the surface. I am also working on my Master’s of Business Administration in Managerial and Strategic Leadership in Puerto Rico were I conducts a research about Art Entrepreneurship in College Students. 17309644_1869272083316390_6959968266574999702_nI’ve been drawing for as long as I have memory. Most of my childhood was spent drawing Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Bleach. In 2008-2012 I studied fine art, and experimented whit many art mediums. But the day I carved my first woodblock was when I fell in love. As if I was spellbound by the magic printmaking, my art became eternally tied to woodblock, etching, aquatint and dry point. 15823281_1836096273300638_7371846625624846802_n 15873100_1836096259967306_5568959008902935749_n 15894253_1836102229966709_8223091783448091238_n 15896085_1836097709967161_5441702805472637080_o