The geometric ideas of Anna Deligianni

I was born in Athens, Greece, where I lived until studying at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specifically at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Although the techniques I currently use have an inherent drawing nature, I have always been fascinated by etching. As such, my work is often done in a way that enables me to combine etching and drawing/painting in my artworks. I especially enjoy working with great detail, using motives also seen in eastern cultures, as well as geometry. ~Anna Deligianni4d035d44788347.581e348d6cefe-minI specifically deal with subjects such as architecture, dance, the human figure, and the absence or presence of hearth in ones life. Being particularly interested in the environment one lives in, I draw inspiration from such scenes.05b7da46075231.5847102445dcb-minMost of my artworks begin with an idea, and continue by letting the shapes and motives guide my hand, adjusting only when necessary. The tools used in my recent artworks are mainly markers, pencils, oils, aquarelle, ink on paper.  9c633d46578111.5879ffad5c20e-min 43a4e546225155.584c4aec454c4-min 48b91647345919.58777e284aecc-min b0800447980647.588a86fe7d31e-min41ac5445700021.583a05d499b62-min