The jaunty illustrations of Qintong Li

My name is Qintong Li. I born and raised in a small city near Beijing. After I graduated by graphic major from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, I realized I want to start drawing and painting so much, I want to creative something by my hands using pencils and brushes. So I came to Art Center College of Design study illustration in 2011 in Los Angeles.

It was so not easy for me at first, the way of my thinking was too based by the formerly as I was still in China. To be honest my original intention is: Yes, my culture background is China, I must do something combined the culture together, making something different, making something special. But the result is I trying too “hard” with nothing creativity. Not lying, it really crack me down. So after the library time, I always spend lots of time on the internet, searching websites that sharing arts and music of the whole world. Looking different artists from different place, It really means something for me, not only the inspiration! The spirit of the artist on the site persistent efforts for their art and business career really encourage me!

1Now I already graduated from Art Center for almost a year, and I got start my illustration career. I think it is the time to share my grown up and truly happiness with you too!!! Thank you guys for making the world more colorful, creative and powerful!

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