Joey Salamon’s Psychedelic Sharpie Illustrations

OH HAY AIA! My name is Joey Salamon and I am a Detroit-based artist specializing in psychedelic sharpie drawings depicting detailed, colorful and intricate dreamscapes. I always tell people my drawings are visual representations of who I am and that each new piece starts without an agenda, sketch or plan and I trust myself enough to know they will develop in a way that feels right.

AFRAMEZ-new-1200x948 YouHaveArrived-1200x889 spaceman-all-three-1200x507 Spaceman-1200x897 SlightlyStoopid-770x1024 Shipwreck-1200x752 MurderByDeath-1200x1019 FifthEstate-1200x518 disco-biscuits-768x1024 AirborneToxicEvent-1200x903