Khalid Elsir’s Islamic inspired art

I am originally from Sudan, and have been living in the UK for the last fifteen years. The latest project I’m currently working on is a children’s book series of the Arabic alphabet. Which consists of the letters and their corresponding words. It’s the traditional Arabic script but with a modern feel, I’ve combined street art, comic book art, and surrealism all in one.~Khalid ElsirI hope and try to elevate people’s souls and stimulate their minds intellectually at the same time. Which is why sometimes I put words of poetry and wisdom in my actual work. Other times I leave the viewer with just the artwork and hope the message I intended is clearly communicated. I believe everybody is an artist.The way we talk, walk, write, how we dress. We’re all expressing ourselves artistically.My greatest source of inspiration is from my faith in God, and the teachings of Islam. It’s what drives me as an artist, gives perspective and purpose to why I make art every waking day. There’s so many artists who’ve influenced my work to list. However, I believe the distinct two looking at my work Who I can clearly see their finger prints are Banksy and Jean Giraud, especially Banksy. From Banksy I took the simple silhouette Style which I maintain. I also try to integrate his humor, and the intriguing aspect of his work. I love Jean giraud’s artwork. His styles have been many, and very versatile throughout his life. But what I really admire is the surrealist otherworldly essence of his work.