The landscapes of Artem Proot

I am a self-taught artist, I live and work in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2002, I became interested in street art, and began to draw. But the career of the artist began 5 years ago, it was in 2012, my first personal exhibition was held. Since that moment I had about 10 personal and group exhibitions. My style is pure color and lines, geometric forms, inspired by pop art, animation, comics, and many others.~Artem ProotFor 4 years I created works by unifying them in a series where the main object were characters. I worked hard and I did not rest very much, and it seems to me that I needed to catch up with time, so I think that these 4 years I painted everything that I should have done before, because there were many ideas and I did not want to let them go. Now I have a new stage in my work. For that I am very glad.
First my subjects became different, I began to notice many different interesting things that I had not seen before. And my work with color moves forward, I like that my palette is changing. Now I want to draw different themes, interiors, exteriors, sports grounds, landscapes, still life and much more. I do not want to get hung up on one thing, you can draw anything in your style! This is much more interesting than working on one topic. Such discoveries excite me and inspire me to move on!