Laura La Wasilewska -The essence of self

My name Laura La Wasilewska. I am artist and art curator. I live and work in USA and Poland. In April, I will have an individual exhibition in an Art Gallery Quadrillion in Warsaw. ~Laura La Wasilewska35jkgjNew big series of paintings and drawings “IN PROGRESS” – Portraits of famous artists of the contemporary Artist ex Julie Mehretu, Neo Rauch, Balthus, David Hockney, Jean Michel Basquiat, Eric Fischl, Kris Night, David King Reuben and hospitably Picasso, Frida. Based on unique materials photographs, films, sketches and letters.467ddfrI work with the prestigious QUADRILION Art Capital Group Gallery, which gathers the most important Polish artists who deal with art advising. The gallery also works with exclusive art collectors, not only from Poland but also from the whole world, including the UK and the USA.fs66My artistic works comprise painting, drawing, illustrating, design , photography and also art critic – painting and drawing being the most important areas of my artistic expression. I have been drawing with dry pastels on grey paper for many years and it brings me great satisfaction.   hghgvwsdbfgunnj8 r6tgybhsr