The pleasant discoveries of Lou Patrou

I have been interested in creating faces since I can remember first drawing. Over the years I began making distilled versions of them and also started adding decorative elements into them. Some concepts have intentional meaning to me, some have very little and might be just design and form. I don’t like to do the same thing over and over and  I don’t follow a familiar path and process each time. I love careful design and also spontaneous work so I sometimes split the difference and pull from each approach. I also like to mix things up within that approach by adding new twists and turns that become pleasant discoveries. I think it is good to grow as you go and look for new levels in order to keep myself challenged.  If a piece isn’t very satisfying me to work on I won’t even bother to take it any further. That probably underscores my whole mindset while both developing something and executing it. The satisfaction for me comes not only after completion of a piece but it rides along during the entire process like a surfer on a wave.~Lou PatrouAs far as my actual process goes, I start with a stack of  blank pieces of paper and sketch until an interesting idea emerges. It could be a design idea, a shape idea or just a feeling as a direction. I come back the next day and see if the idea still interests me enough to pursue, and if it does I begin to explore and drill down into it. The next phase could be months of working out an attack plan. I do a lot of preparation before I start the final painting or drawing and a lot more trial and error along the process than I ever did years before. I will test shapes and colors and work out exacting designs down to the smallest bits. I will have the whole piece mapped out and figured out way before I start on it. The rest is just careful execution of it all, bringing the pieces of a brand new puzzle to life.