Marko Por’s characters meet along the way

I am a 28 year-old illustrator from Slovenia who likes to draw fantastic, dark and playful settings or figures. I like powerful antihero characters and epic lighting. I usually keep my color count low. I use lots of black and I have a thing for blue and orange. I get most of my inspiration from travel and the characters I meet along the way.~Marko Por18010219_1870656953204484_4050917567395724428_n
My work process starts with a pencil sketch. It’s usually not very detailed, because I am always very anxious to finish the painting as soon as possible. I use ink markers, crayons and color pencils, but lately my favorite tool has been the brush. I find the painting process with watercolors or acrylics very forgiving and magically random.  18034306_1872494189687427_961994153153060190_n 12079218_1636252463311602_6365699575207297621_n 12186279_1640516899551825_7443612066594301353_o 12742019_1676943162575865_2233146931586532833_n 13653160_1734540946816086_4872815969830214367_o St_Mary_MarkoPor_Web