The memory shadows of Levan Amashukeli

These selected works represent my memory shadows – persons, images, emotions, which are strongly anchored in my imagination. My works show my emotional state and my environment: very fragmented, chaotic, overwhelmed with information and colors, but at the same time ironic. My name is Levan Amashukeli but everybody know me as Zmudart.jnfgu817218701_1823842354308459_864220400308132679_o 17310343_1820624007963627_4267783725857996979_o 17390366_1827146567311371_3866913435683913310_o 17504521_1833578450001516_8742017231497328345_o 17504662_1832708810088480_3046126653140155231_o tsbys4y67