Peering beneath the layers with Timi Cserny

Somehow whatever I touch ends up having something to do with tales. Old tales and new ones, the archetypal ones that have been told time after time, or the ones no more than three people know in this whole wide world. Or the tales I tell myself. Tales, stories push buttons inside us, awakening powerful forces. I love playing, slipping into someone else’s fate, thinking their thoughts, feeling their feelings. My pictures are often about such tales too.~Timi ‘Pookah’ Cserny812f0129519451.55f73f72b67eeI am basically an illustrator, making line drawings most of the time. The colours change, they can be vivid or smooth – or blacks and whites. I try many things. I also like to paint with watercolours, but I keep returning to lines. 5120a728367401.55bbec307710cAs an artist, both in my series and my independent pictures, I analyze the topic of emotions, and the way my own inner reality relates to the time and the place in which I live and which I reflect upon. What is real? What is only my imagination? Do the emotions I experience make the non-existent real? How do the two connect, how do they influence each other? I love to soak up the world through my eyes, until it makes my heart overflow. I’m interested in the complexity of things: I look at the world as a human, a woman, a mother and an artist, and I see that nothing’s ever self-evident or one-layered. My curiosity helps me penetrate beneath the layers and show them one by one.2c805034204115.56c77f4615174 11fe6721264567.562fe44c73484 25b4af23184435.5631e92d59e20  95924523184435.5634d5e0cd2fa c3d23838470693.5762afa58c15d e9971324875773.5633b86072be3a3c39921279241.562fea72a4e6d