Prafful Saxena’s world of art

A small-town boy with big time dreams, a sketchbook yielded in one hand and a laptop in another, I started my journey in the world of art. Life seems easy when one has a clear vision of what must be done, I started my career early when I envisioned art as my driving force.  Per me everything has a style & I try to find it in digital illustrations. I mostly like to portray the rich Indian culture through my illustrations and like to do my own make up through photoshop manipulations. Current story that I am working on is Indian culture; Hope you all like it! ~Prafful Saxena7d29af36553407-57208f51a7443 332efa20114543-562e5bf388f3e 82079a17175099-562b6b5a4f48d Krishna Eid_02 e8332034019788-56c17400bde9a f46bee17174781-562b6b462298c ff639325280403-563437f4cbc84 zter44bc3631633095-5659e5a2beea0