Protoplasmic Terrarium by Scott Greenwalt

Oakland-based artist, Scott Greenwalt is inspired by natural and supernatural processes of transformation. His works strive to depict fantastic metamorphoses of extraordinary subjects in his paintings, drawings, and installations.

“I am fascinated by the various phases of transmutation,” says Greenwalt. “Much of my work may be described as portraits of non-people, still lifes of non-objects, or landscapes of non-places. Portions of the image may be decipherable, suggesting a current state, while there are others that may foretell what the form will be in the future, and still others that will recall past incarnations. The finished piece becomes a snapshot of numerous brief, ephemeral moments charged with perpetual tension.”

Scott Greenwalt’s work, “Protoplasmic Terrarium” can be found on view at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco through December 5th. [h/t]swampyvagdonutringblues_m wwaloneinthewoods_m wwboggysodomblues_m wwphases_m wwpt00_m wwpt01_m wwpt02_m wwpt03_m wwsighting_m wwtheywillgetin_m wwundocumentedincidents_m