Pulling back the layers with Danielle Hodges

I’m a 23-year-old illustrator from Lawrence, KS. I created my site about a year and a half ago when I was stoned and alone in my house and I was trying to think of some sort of gimmick that would make me stand out in my local DIY scene. At this point in time I was really concerned with a “brand” and monetizing my artwork because I was sick of working at my crappy service industry job and not thinking that I had some sort of future. Most of my friends at work were significantly older than me and had given up on all of their creative dreams and I felt like I was creating an illustration business for not just me but for them as well. There was a time period where I actually quit my job and was a full time illustrator and relied on commission money and donations. At some point I realised that while I really enjoyed creating artwork for punk bands in town, they didn’t really pay on me time nor did I have time to work on projects for myself. I also didn’t have time to go to the shows or really have any sort of social life since I was stuck at home alone working on artwork while my friends were all at parties. I think now I’m at a point where I can work on commissions from friends who enjoy my work, band merchandise, and my own projects. ~Danielle Hodgesic001bdbshirt1color  dsc_1349 fartblastflashline   newcanvas playgirlclubbwebfriendly sss static1-squarespace-combukkake012kwame001