The range of artist Dielm Bizarre

In the beginning there was just a digital artist. Working with musicians, dj’s, sportswear and sport stars. After this it felt a bit empty and I lost my passion for my work. As time passed by, I started to regain myself in color. But still no inspiration. So I started continuous, intense learning: books, lectures, colors, composition, art history, make-up and so on. After that came the period of long and challenging practice, which took me last two years. And now, I’m sharing with you the result of this work. ~Dielm Bizarre

I’m calling these my Porcelain Dollz. I enjoy beauty, grace, brilliance but the goal is not to overdo it. Grotesque and destructive changes of the person’s character are unnecessary. This is a spring collection and I plan to release one each season adding something new. Right now the summer collection is in the making. This collection was inspired by Rosaceae and a new method of blending color. And of course, the form was prompted by the early Moore.