The retro modern illustrations of Ryan Ward

I live in North Devon, England. I love the ocean, being in it or at least I have to be near it. Being immersed in the surf culture in the area from a young age, and having the passion to create artwork has always gone hand in hand for me. ~Ryan Ward

A1 I AMMy art brand ODDASEA is about elevated highs and moody lows, the ocean and music inspired images. These are fuelled by the visions and thoughts, through passion or spirituality, by hope and positivity, self critical thoughts mixed with the resilience of my character. THROUGHI feel my work is a retro modern take on the world as it’s seen today. Being an artist from what ever point I decided to become one, has given me a voice in the world, a focus and a tool to learn from. I am aspiring to inspire with my mixed media, digital, graphic art illustration designs, paintings and films.NOT DEAD NOT DONE_VERSION2

My art comments on the human disposition to presume the right to rule the planet, to create and dominate, juxtaposed with the environmental impact of our time on earth. The designs are put together with a bold response to what influences me at the time, I have to put these emotions down on paper or whatever platform they transpire onto. It is a therapeutic process for me.A2 ADVENTURE MOREI use digital textures to give the work a ‘grungy’ retro feel in a contemporary way, but the work also has a nostalgic feel to me, like collecting or keeping your favourite music album for the tunes but also the artwork.A1 YOU SAVED MEI have just built a new art shop, view it at Hope you enjoy my artwork!    1_A2 TEMPLATE A1 UNTITLED