Shamekh Bluwi’s cut-out fashion illustrations wrap models in the outside world

Designer Shamekh Bluwi has found an unusual way to dress his models – not with fabric, but with city skylines, sunsets and traffic jams.

Turning his fashion sketches into cut-out templates, Bluwi places them in front of real-life landscapes, transforming the background into a kind of fabric to decorate his dresses. The process makes for surprisingly effective designs, celebrating both fashion and architecture.

Bluwi, who is a fashion illustrator and architecture major, combines his knowledge of both fields in his work – using his understanding of structure to inform his designs, and his interest in the physical world to influence his subjects. His background has also given him a love of contradictions – something that comes across clearly in the juxtaposition of art and the everyday world in his work. [h/t] sketch-paper-cutout-art-fashion-design-architecture-shamekh-bluwi-2 sketch-paper-cutout-art-fashion-design-architecture-shamekh-bluwi-3 sketch-paper-cutout-art-fashion-design-architecture-shamekh-bluwi-15 sketch-paper-cutout-art-fashion-design-architecture-shamekh-bluwi-42 sketch-paper-cutout-art-fashion-design-architecture-shamekh-bluwi-52