From the sketchbook of Raman Djafari

My name is Raman Djafari. I am an illustrator, concept artist and fine artist based in Hamburg, Germany. In the past, I’ve been working in many different fields of visual arts and I feel like that variety is something that is not going to leave me for quite a while. Despite the urge to narrow down and specialize, the desire to explore and trust my insticts is what seems to have dominated my creative journey.~Raman Djafari95390b40486461.5781441a2b74c

Nevertheless, I decided to only submit digital illustrations to create somewhat of a coherence for this post. I start my digital pieces with either a digital or ball-point pen line-drawing, which I colour digitaly afterwards. Lately, I’ve been starting to use really simple reduced colour palettes, inspired by my experiments with screen printing. I’ve been strongly inspired by artists like Egon Schiele or Picasso as well as japanese wood cuts and anime. 6a17b040486277.5781426ea842aCurrently, I’m mostly working in analogue mixed media (pencil, acrylics, markers, tape, crayons, coloured pencils) experimenting a lot in my sketchbook, sometimes even taking those experiments way further in the digital medium. Maybe I will be able to show some of these pieces on this site in the future as well.9cfd3940486461.5781441a2ac81

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