Splendid organization by Christian Frederiksen

My name is Christian Frederiksen, I’m an editorial illustrator and graphic novelist from Calgary, Canada, and trained at Alberta College of Art and Design. My work has been featured in American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, and won a Communication Arts Award of Excellence. I’ve created art for lifestyle magazines, literary magazines, churches, the municipal government, and an assortment of random individuals.tumblr_oh8dto6x9r1t49ydoo6_1280-minMy work is done digitally, starting with simplified geometric shapes created with the pen tool, a method originally derived from doing cut paper collage. I focus on what is monstrous, quirky, or repetitive in my subject. I draw inspiration from the splendid organization of nature and the cold clinical aloofness of modernism. This approach bleeds over into my comics work, where I tell stories about nuns with contagious insanity, weird cults, post apocalyptic gangs, and malevolent birds.tumblr_nunrdbnl8i1t49ydoo6_1280-minIn the future I hope to work for publishers doing book illustration, or to get published myself as a graphic novelist, as I am really attracted to the narrative potential of illustration.tumblr_my2xccQ2Rl1sp4s8ro1_1280-min  tumblr_oh8dto6x9r1t49ydoo1_1280-min  tumblr_nunrdbnl8i1t49ydoo5_1280-min tumblr_nunrb2rwzT1t49ydoo10_1280-min tumblr_nunr2tMkm31t49ydoo10_1280-min