The Surreal and Symbolic Artwork of Darren Cranmer

Creating art, in whatever form I explore, enlightens me through its process and has become an intrinsic part of who I am. I question, discuss, instigate, observe, share and discover through my work. Like a blurry off-shoot of science – artistic expression, to me, is a method of understanding and exploring our reality. -Darren Cranmer
I began drawing as a toddler. I started my working life as a jeweler and designer under the world-renowned designer Catherine Best which was a fantastic experience working with precious materials (some very rare). However, after a couple of career changes my real passion in image-making beckoned me back, so at the age of 26 I went to Canterbury, UK which allowed me to explore almost every creative discipline to some degree. Exploring concepts and communicating through imagery led me to choose to study Illustration in Bournemouth, UK.  I now freelance in private art and portrait commissions alongside illustration with some occasional graphic design contracts.
Science and sociocultural issues form much of the basis that inspires my work. How things are interconnected yet are separate fascinate me. My series of drawings ‘One Billionth’ attempts to present theories of relativity,quantum mechanics and life-cycles, for example the image ‘Sol’ has multiple representation – it may be a universe, star, world, organism, cell or even a symbol of a ‘soul’ as some people have told me.
The image ‘Divergence’ touches upon choice-making and the creation of parallel universes.
‘Sun & Moon’ was a private art commission, a 8 foot long drawing that connotes themes of parenthood and the transformation of the elements.
For my illustration ‘Apple Seeds’ (for a poem of the same name by Crona Gallagher) I aimed to convey the metaphor of the falling leaves for the falling people of 9/11. With my portraiture I break convention by really trying to capture the persons traits and what is dear to them for a really invaluable personal piece of art.
My work easily traverses across fine art and illustration/graphic art (and even graphic design) as it is malleable in the way it communicates. People often describe my work as ‘surreal and symbolic’.  I mostly use acrylic paint, charcoal and graphite painting on board or paper to create my works. I employ morphing and illusionary co-habited with detailed aesthetics. For illustration commissions I regularly combine digital methods such as photo-collage, colour effects and textures to compliment the hand-made elements or add a certain atmosphere.  I am currently gravitating my practice towards fine art painting and developing some bodies of work to exhibit in late 2015.
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