Takumi Kama’s fantastical portraits of Japanese Schoolgirls challenge the status quo

A Japanese artist has confronted the social role of schoolgirls in Japan in an unusual way – by turning them into animals. Notoriously fetishized by Japanese society, schoolgirls are a powerful force in Japanese media, and by turning them into something whimsical and decidedly non-erotic, artist Takumi Kama breaks from the status quo, creating art that is as unusual as it is fantastical.

Artist Takumi Kama admits that his drawings were born of fear more than desire – “I am terrified of high school girls,” he confesses. “If I encounter a group of them on a train there is a high possibility I will escape to another car.” Despite this, however, he devoted many hours to studying both the animals he incorporates into his images and the schoolgirls themselves, working hard to create images which look natural despite their surreal subject matter.

The drawings are available to view at the BAMI gallery in Kyoto until 31st May, 2015.   [h/t www.spoon-tamago.com]

schoolgirl-animals-1 schoolgirl-animals-2 schoolgirl-animals-3 schoolgirl-animals-4 schoolgirl-animals-5