The tangible fantasy of H Lazarus

I paint what I dream of. Sometimes literally, some other times I try to convey the “oniric feeling” in my paintings, that sensation you have when dreaming, that the Reality you’re seeing is both tangible, factual, and yet completely absurd, otherworldly. How many times in our everyday life we find ourselves stunned by mundane events, normal things, that in our mind become incomprehensible and surreal? That make you question yourself about the nature of Reality? What is Reality? Sometimes it can get very schizophrenic. ~H Lazarusc87a9713660807.56276969319f3It’s that sense of acceptance of this separation without questioning, that I always found surprising when dreaming: there is no judgement, and you can suddenly understand and see perspectives change.

You’re forced to be one, whole, to superimpose your perspective of Reality with Reality itself, and sometimes this can have very profound implications.32e85815709055.56295f1d5d7b6Dreams are images that speak to us about our-self and our most inner material without the need to be mediated by other senses, they are immediate, genuine, raw; you can’t judge them, you can’t say “that’s not reasonable”, you can just observe.In this sense they are very similar to a form of meditation.

Independently of what their content is, I always feel that dreams can teach us about acceptance, and show us how much our thinking is, in fact, very restrictive.5f0dcb21693899.563065f93b029What I aim to transmit with my work is a reconciliation between these two entities, a way to pacify our inner turmoil, to quiet those voices that refuse to accept the dichotomy.

A way to exorcise our fears and push ourselves over them, to grow more serene and open. All things are marvelous. e334bb36807685.572a0112f0a61 70658931482079.5652ef8f6cc6f 61970d31481715.5652ecb0505e3 6f390817610597.562bc325a377c 2c709b25175061.56342798d0877 0f225419911215.562e25315637a e0b64b13661409.562767c4c0d2193a3c313660931.5627685e2a451