The geometric patterns of Kai and Sunny

Kai and Sunny are an award-winning artist duo who create geometric patterns taken from natural forms. In their latest works, they experiment with using more vibrant colors in pieces representing the passage of time and involving “the turning of tides, changing weather and time for reflection”. Themes of fragility and rigidity are represented in layers that alternate between undulating waves and spiking shards. Each drawing is created using ballpoint pens applied in single lines to build up complex shapes.

The duo is currently exhibiting a solo show, Whirlwind Of Time, at Stolenspace Gallery in London. David Mitchell, the author of Cloud Atlas and whose book cover they designed, wrote an exclusive short story to complement the works. The show runs through April 3. [source]Changing-Weather-1000 Continued-Wave-1000 Passage-Of-Time-1000 Spin-Circle-1000 Split-Circle-Large-1000 Turning-Wave-1000 Vasarely-Circle-1000 160303_EYE_KaiAndSunny12.jpg.CROP.original-original