The Graphic Mixing of Modernity – Beata Szczecinska

Hi there AIA, I’m Beata Szczecinska, an illustrator currently living in Poland. My illustrations are made in Mixed-media techniques, hand drawings, made of fragments of photographs and graphic art elements. All of this is a base on which I work digitally using PC. Elements are transformed within graphic program and include such transformations as: applying of various filters, cutting and reconstruction of elements to ‘lose’ their original appearance and give them a new quality. Hand drawings no longer resemble originals when filters are applied, or conversely, are formed on the basis of elements that have been changed using the graphic program.The inspirations to my work are: architecture, fashion, photography, and a female figure.
1 (1)My work is not literal, it’s based on emotions, which are often disturbing, because they also apply to less positive aspects of modernity. Symbolic vision of the city, construction sites, machinery seem to have a personality, in the face of human figure (female), show conflicts of the modern world such as loneliness, alienation, overwhelm, anxiety, unstable human relationships, lack of closeness and security. Within the visual aspect of the illustration, tracking new trends in fashion and design is a huge inspiration for me, I try every upcoming work to be fresh and different from the previous one, in the graphic and stylistic approach.
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