The iconic fantasy characters of Yoshitaka Amano take us back in time through pop art history

It’s easy to recognize the fantasy artwork of Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano. His works have been used in a wide range of media including as illustrations for Final Fantasy or in the 1970s anime shows Gatchaman and Tekkaman. His lovable characters and surreal environments spanned multiple platforms and styles.

A new exhibit in Tokyo is now showing Amano’s works, covering his entire portfolio, with an emphasis on his earlier career. The 63-year-old artist got his first break in the 1960s working on Speed Racer. His legacy as a great character designer would come before he reached the age of 30 when he was commissioned to complete concept artwork for Final Fantasy. The artist is also noted for his illustrations of David Bowie and wife, Iman, as sci-fi characters published in V Magazine as part of a short story called The Return Of The Thin White Duke by Neil Gaiman.

The show is located at the Yurakucho Asahi Gallery inside the Yurakucho Mullion building and will be on display through March 8. [h/t]Yoshitaka-Amano-1 Yoshitaka-Amano-2 Yoshitaka-Amano-3 Yoshitaka-Amano-6 Yoshitaka-Amano-8 Yoshitaka-Amano-9 Yoshitaka-Amano-9-Copy Yoshitaka-Amano-10 Yoshitaka-Amano-10-Copy