The illustrated undertones of Matthew O’Halloran

I’m an artist based in a small corner of the UK, and over the last few years I’ve taken on several small commissions locally and showcased my illustration in various exhibitions across the UK. Having done this i’m now looking to build a stronger presence within the art community.~Matthew O’Halloran When it comes to my Illustration what i enjoy most is using basic tools that are available to me such as pens, pencils and inks, i grew up drawing with whatever tools i had around me and this built the foundation of my beliefs now- that no matter what tools are at your disposal anyone can express there thoughts and feelings through art if they want to. This will often come through in my illustration to so while at face value they appear lighthearted and fun, if you look closer such as at the doodles scattered around or the subject matter itself what can be seen is actually much darker undertones that will play on many subject matters, most notably mental awareness and the human psyche.