The illustrated works of Jasmina Tuzovic

I’m a fine artist, illustrator,digital painter + concept creator. I started drawing and painting at a young age and had aspirations of becoming the next famous fashion designer but as life changed for me so did my interest. I immersed myself into the art world after attending design school in Toronto and began my new journey in refining my artistic abilities. So my new course of life was to acknowledge and improve my skills and today I enjoy painting traditional fine art and dabbling in digital art. I have to say that traditional art is still my first choice of creating art but the digital world allows me to produce works with incredible freedom and experimentation. Digital art is the future in art but lets keep the master painters alive, “please”, the world is slowly pushing them out of existence. (Robots should take the blame for this one). ~Jasmina Tuzovicfc1e48_e9dcf084cb0d48cdbcba8f93e085cb1a fc1e48_3b69660c3f974dd9a0474bd1dacdb1be fc1e48_10b06f2578e643afb9ce4873bcbe73bc fc1e48_87ee6bb717dd491baa0ffd30866ab4b5 fc1e48_657480ad8c3042899648dd7a8d4f6489 fc1e48_c8a244d42f6d401780927cff1c658a9c fc1e48_cf66b0d4d00b44aa8e0872258c5dbaea fc1e48_d76b093673ab4307a5dde129456e1806fc1e48_2d16dc0e1a254e04941e52f1891d225a1 2