The multilayered, contradictory works of Helena Tahir

The central context of my artistic practice is the exploration of my personal identity. I am discovering my thoughts and feelings, thus trans forming them into visual language with a structured form and shape. Besides rationalizing my thoughts and emotions, I am trying to release them through working in various mediums, such as printmaking, painting and drawing. These mediums serve as a cathartic vehicle.~Helena Tahir

In parallel to exploring techniques, I am interested in the philosophy of phenomenology. Rather than presenting a factual reality, I am interested in the exploration of the physical and mental objects as perceived, therefore as object s of awareness in experience. I am creating ‘Illusions, which are produced to conjure up the realms of our imagination and make us question about the phenomena that evoke dreamlike states such as anxiety, and therefore distorted thinking. If we acknowledge these illusions: that is, if we think of them as such – we must accept the distinction between the actual world and our experience of it, since the word illusion implies a situation where our subjective experience misrepresents objective reality.

I am trying to represent these internal conflicts of the individual through applying contradictory concepts (such as reality vs. fantasy, meaning vs. absurdity, light vs. darkness, belonging vs. displacement, etc.) in an affecting way. By using a poetic and often metaphorical language, I want to unveil the flow of information through an effective, non-linear narrative, establishing direct relations with the viewers, triggering their perceptual parameters in order to draw them into the multilayered experience.