The stark surrealism of illustrator Stuart McReath

I’m an Illustrator who lives and works in southern England. I have worked on a broad range of projects within Editorial, Advertising and book illustration.

The main focus of my work is conceptual so the development of ideas is a key aspect of my working process. This involves brainstorming with lots of very quick loose sketching. I feel it’s important to not become too rigid and get stuck on certain concepts too early on in the process but to let the ideas flow naturally. When I feel that I have explored a variety of avenues, I then refine my ideas and cancel them down, the simpler the more powerful. I almost try to think of it as the lowest common denominator.

I have developed my style using both traditional and digital techniques. I try to use mixed media whenever I can and recently have been using a variety screen printing techniques. This experimental process can help to keep the process fresh and visually stimulating. ~Stuart McReath1 11 111001f7135661965.56fed65ebde55 31e69732679481.568ee542db75d 74d62f32965547.569a9e193defa 758f9a34241605.56c98fcaa8c1b 82270835111469.56e9d49546d80 91414636210521.5713f30df2211 af2b6734478657.56d2408e41a14 e47c7a34874139.56e0cce54bf2a