These relatable illustrations celebrate the single life of women everywhere

Frying eggs in your underwear, reading in bed, watching tv with girlfriends, standing in front of an empty fridge— they’re small, everyday moments that all women experience when they’re alone. While they may not seem like much when you’re actually living them, artist Sally Nixon found a way to elevate them into a shared universal experience with her colorful, stylized illustrations.

The Arkansas-based illustrator took to her Instagram page to showcase her work. The immediacy of the subject matter combined with the immediacy of the platform introduced her to a receptive audience who totally get her sweetly irreverent comics. She imbues meaning and joy into her subjects’ solitary daily doings. You feel a sense of creative solidarity with the woman sketching at her drafting table late at night, her cat curled up at her feet. Putting together a piece of IKEA furniture gets a glam upgrade with a chic bob and faux fur coat— the contradictions between simplicity and thoughtfulness, loneliness and contentment is something anyone can relate to, woman or man. [source:]lennyletter_nixon_feb16 lenny_illo_nixon  358_365drawing 346_365drawing 342_365drawing 336_365drawing 334_365drawing 330_365drawing 296_365drawing 283_365drawing360_365drawing